Conversations with the world - "There is no(thing) outside (of the) text"

“Conversations with the world” is the first brief of the MA Design: Illustration course at Manchester Metropolitan University. During this brief, I worked with a team of multi-disciplinary people, from graphic design, textiles, craft, product design and interior design/architecture, to generate, document and collate a wide range of response to the quote “There is nothing outside of the text” by Jacques Derrida.
Through social media and face-to-face interactions, we managed to collect very diverse responses from people of many nationalities, backgrounds and professions. We then generated several visual responses that encapsulate some aspects of these quotes.

  • Role Illustrator
  • For Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Date September – October 2018

Illustration for how though language can bring us together, meanings can be lost in translations & sometimes understanding can be a very fickle, unpredictable thing.

Illustration for how the power of meaning can be manipulated to mislead readers in all manners, especially politically and religiously.

“There is nothing outside of the text”